Causes for Change International, Travel Mission 2013

Travels to the Province of Manabi and Guayas. We worked five intense days side by side with staff from the Offices of the Patronatos of Jama, Bahia, 24 de Mayo, Montecristi, Jipijapa, Jaramijo, Junin, along with the Lions of Portoviejo, Manta, Milagro in ensuring proper training in use of wheelchairs made possible through our partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission. On this mission we initiated a nutritional program with the Phytoblend Powder made possible through our partnership with MannaRelief. We had the opportunity of working with the Vice-Prefecta of Guayas and the Ecuador National Police injured on the line of duty, conducted training on disability integration and inclusion; proper evaluation techniques in Physical and Occupational Therapies, elimination or accommodations of physical barriers for persons with disabilities.

Unemi Entrevista Zully JF Alvarado Presidente de la fundaci├│n Causes For Change International

Zully explains why it is important to work with other institutions in making change happen and advocate on issues that impact the lives of persons with disabilities.

Zully JF Alvarado, Chicagoan of the Year-2011

Zully Alvarado, one of our six Chicagoans of the Year for 2011, discusses her work with Causes for Change International, which works to improve the lives of women, children, and the disabled in Central and South America. For more information, go to

About Causes for Change International

Causes for Change International is a 5013c registered charity based in Chicago. It was founded in 1996 by Chicago business woman Zully Alvarado while a participant in the Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program. Zully, born in Ecuador, contracted polio at the age of two and for most of her childhood was not able to do what other children were able to do. Thanks to the help of a Catholic Priest and his family in Chicago, Zully was able to come to the United States for medical treatment and education. Children in the developing world who have disabilities have a tremendous challenge. She created Causes For Change International as a way of contributing to children and families in some of the poorest regions of Ecuador. For more information on Causes for Change International visit

Zully JF Alvarado – Impact Awards Honoree, 2011

At the Impact Awards on March 10, 2011, Chicago Foundation for Women recognized 10 Chicago-area women and men at the heart of the global movement for women and girls: Zully JF Alvarado, Tianne Bataille, Marjorie Craig Benton, Dr. Mardge H. Cohen, Mary Fabri, PsyD, Joshua Hoyt, Amy Maglio, Sima Quraishi, Tania Unzueta Carrasco and Patricia L. Walker, PhD.

Zully Shares her story from Childhood to the present

Zully briefly shares her story in an effort to support the work of Causes for Change International: focusing on health and education; supporting women, children and persons with disabilities.

Marilyn Varn Shares her experience with CausesForChange

I created this promo for my friends, Marilyn Varn & Zully JF Alvarado – to support their extraordinary efforts in causing global transformation.