Hope Bar

How it’s Made

JMR_1605-1024x683The Hope Bar is a scientifically advanced whole-food product on the market. Each Hope Bar is made from nutrient rich whole-food ingredients, then enriched with Hope Blend, a proprietary complex of standardized levels of food-sourced vitamins, minerals, and immune supporting nutrients (see below).

To top off its rich flavor, the Hope Bar is loaded with high anti-oxidant dark chocolate from the world famous GUITTARD CHOCOLATE COMPANY. Each Hope Bar provides one-third of an adult’s total daily micronutrient vitamin and mineral requirements, making it the most nutritionally dense low-glycemic food product available. AND the Hope Bars are gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no synthetics.


HopeBlend-1024x766Hope Blend is a proprietary blend of the most advanced whole food vitamin, mineral and immune supporting nutrients. The fermentation of friendly single-cell plants has been used for centuries to preserve foods while enhancing their nutritional values.

Today, this fermentation process helps transform vitamins and minerals into highly complex foods where nutrients are bound together into a food matrix containing lipids, proteins, beta glucans, and a wide variety of beneficial phytonutrients – fundamental building blocks for good nutrition.

This process provides the whole-food-sourced nutrients that best nourish our consumers as well as the world’s most vulnerable children.

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