• Universal Design 6 Summit

    Posted on November 8, 2017

    I am pleased to announce that we have been selected to present at the Universal Design 6 Summit.  Jessica Renslow,  Community Builder, and Zully JF Alvarado will be talking about  the steps taken in the City of Gary’s communities to promote and implement universal design concepts.

    Zully working to create an accessible community garden

    Like anything for the concept of Universal Design to take hold in a community; for whatever project, program or service is decided upon, and for it to be replicatable, sustainable; it requires community buy-in, community acceptance, community involvement at all levels.  It is important to anticipate the needs of a broad, diverse population, and this includes involving persons with disabilities, and it must also have multi-generational representation.

    Jessie at Web-Access training

    How can one get started?

    To learn more on how we got Universal Design Principles included in the vision for City of Gary’s communities, join Jessie and Zully at:

    Universal Design Summit 6 in St. Louis, Missouri on November 13 & 14 on the campus of St. Louis University.