• SustainAbility House

    Posted on March 8, 2017




    What SustainAbility House is a model 3-bedroom home designed with
    Universal Accessibility and Environmental Sustainability as the guiding principles. The house will be built affordably and with as many off-the-shelf materials as possible, so that it can be easily replicated.

    When The project is currently under development. We are in the design and fundraising stage and seeking corporate partners and foundations to turn this concept into reality by Spring, 2018.

    Where SustainAbility House will be located in the Miller Beach Community of Gary, Indiana. The house will sit on a winding, tree-lined street with close access to beautiful Marquette Park and it’s lake front beaches and an ADA Boat Launch. The project dovetails with an on-going effort to create a fully accessible community including accessible: bike share, public transportation, paddle, and garden to name a few.

    Why SustainAbility House is about planning for the future. Universal Design stipulates that the built environment should be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life. As people age, health and mobility issues often force them to relocate to homes or facilities that can accommodate their needs. From conception, Universal Design takes all abilities into consideration. Environmentally sustainable homes save money and resources on operating costs, have a positive impact on the health of occupants, and promote clean, renewable energy.

    Who SustainAbility House is a joint venture between non-profit Causes for Change International,  Construction Management firm LEE Companies with the collaboration of LCM Architects, architect Gigi McCabe.

    Causes for Change International seeks to impact communities through outreach, training and partnerships in the areas of health and education with a focus on women, children and persons with disabilities.  LEE Companies has built or remodeled hundreds of commercial, residential, and institutional construction projects.
 Zully JF Alvarado is the founder of Causes for Change International, disability advocate, educator, fashion designer, entrepreneur.  Gigi McCabe has worked in architecture for more than thirty years designing new homes, alterations and additions, principally in the Chicago Area.