• Olas Para Todos – Adaptive Surf

    Posted on December 10, 2016

    Individual with disability learning to surf


    Community facility in need of accommodations


    Jim and Pedro on a bus ride to

    Today marks the start of a new community program at La Curia in the Province of Santa Elena in Ecuador, adaptive Surf for individuals with disabilities. The waves are a calming invitation for all to test the ocean waters and the community is eager for visitors to test this new adventure.

    La Curia community encourages persons with disabilities to become entrepreneurs, and not let anything get in their way, adaptive Surf is one way and an invitation for all to visit La Curia.  All greatly appreciates the commitment of Roberto Pinto in getting this off to a great start, he serves as intructor and program director, Pedro Pacheco of CC-Ecuador and Jim Holmes, CCI supports this effort.

    We have a community center that is in need of adequate accessibility accommodations for training, equipment storage and meetings.  Seeking a video camera and projector as well as funding for other equipment. Ultimate goal is to have this program be self-sustaining through tourism and community engagement.