• Accessible Canoe & Kayak Launch Installation

    Posted on June 20, 2016

    The Barrier Free Beach 2020 Planning Committee invites you to join us for the Dedication of an Accessible Canoe & Kayak Launch in City of Gary.

    The ceremony is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. The location is Marquette Park in Gary at Attachment-1Miller Beach, near the historic Pavilion at 1 N. Grand Boulevard.

    Join Dan Plath of Northwest Indiana Paddling Association (NWIPA), Zully JF Alvarado of Causes for Change International (CCI) and Chair of Barrier Free Beach 2020, Rebecca Wyatt, City of Gary First District Councilwoman, Carolyn Saxton of the Legacy Foundation and the many generous individuals who demonstrated their commitment to this project.

    A brand new launch for canoes and kayaks, specially designed for ease of use by people with disabilities will be dedicated at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, June 25th and attendees will have the opportunity to test the launch.The launch in Gary, compliant with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), is only the third of its kind in the entire state of Indiana.

    Until the invention of this innovative launch, it was difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to participate independently in water recreation like canoeing and kayaking. The launch will make it much easier to get small boats in and out of the water—for both people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

    To reserve a loaner kayak, please do so at the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/5FadcAFXCHDmyfR92


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