• Dr. Donna Cech Returns to Ecuador

    Posted on December 23, 2015
    Dr. Donna Cech, Jim Holmes, UNEMI

    Dr. Donna Cech, Jim Holmes, UNEMI

    Work continues with the University of Milagro (UNEMI) in the effort to launch a Physical Therapy program (PT).  Dr. Donna Cech from Midwestern University, accompanied by her husband Jim Holmes, volunteers of CCI, visited with the director of Health and Sciences Department and Head of Program, Alicia Cercado and Julio Bermudez.  Present in the discussion was Pedro Pacheco of CC-Ecuador.

    Dr. Cech with her vast knowledge and years of experience in PT is helping to lay the foundation at UENMI and for this CCI is very grateful. There are currently  eleven schools offering a Bachelor’s degree in Ecuador.

    At the end of January 2016 a meeting is being planned with the President of the Association of Physical Therapy in Ecuador together with UNEMI and Dr. Cech.  It is the understanding that until 1998 PT was a three year technical degree, this may be one of the reasons that throughout our in country travels that we observed various levels of skills in services provided in rehabilitation centers and hospital settings.

    Dr. Cech will be in Ecuador for the next three months conducting research in PT, work with UNEMI in the launch of this field of study.