• Social Enterprise a New Model for Non-Profits

    Posted on May 21, 2015

    As a strong proponent for encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship as a way for persons with disabilities to generate an income and become self sufficient, allowing us to set our own schedules and work in a manner that best suits us and accommodate our disabilities, as an entrepreneur for many years and founder of Causes for Change International (CCI) being at entrepreneur allows me to work with partners of similar mindset and vision. A Social Enterprise has been created to allow individuals desiring to become social enterpreneurs, I invite you to visit www.hopebarfunding.org and then drop me a line at info@causesforchange to have a conversation with a CCI team member.

    Harvard Business Review has declared that Social Entrepreneurship will become the most dynamic business model of this millennium.  A key to this new model is providing sufficient financial rewards for the entrepreneurs who choose to help.  With this model YOU can change THE world and YOUR world at the same time.