• H.O.P.E Movement

    Posted on January 19, 2015

    Get One, Nourish Two
    We are pleased to be part of the  H.O.P.E Movement and  MannaRelief  in our commitment to improving the health, nutrition, and well-being of children and families.

    By becoming a supporter of EvolvHealth together through CCI, we have a wonderful
    opportunity to participate in helping to nourish children who are experiencing malnutrition. For every purchase a box of HOPE Bars, a bottle of HOPE Complete or a bottle of HOPE IMMUN , EvolvHealth donates an equal product to at-risk children, this will be done through MannaRelief and CCI.

    We immediately aim to help nourish at-risk children throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.  Think about it, by nourishing yourself and your family, you are helping to nourish an at-risk child somewhere in the Americas or somewhere in the world.

    Join us by becoming a supporter.
    To find out more, visit Get One, Nourish Two