• Donna Cech, PT, DHS, PCS

    Posted on May 13, 2013


    We are fortunate to know Dr. Cech and to have had the opportunity for the past year to work side  by side locally and abroad.  Dr. Cech is a Professor and PRogram Director of Physical Therapy and Midwestern University. With her vast knowledge and experience in the field of Physical Therapy it is an honor to have her on our team providing services and training to future care providers in rehabilitation to the people of Ecuador.  She along with Dr. Mark Kovic of Midwestern University and other professionals began guiding the University of Milagro, located in Guayas, Ecuador in the preparation of documents for submission to the Department of Higher Education for degree approval of “Therapies in Rehabilitation”  to include Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

    Dr. Cech and Zr. Kovic make a home visit in Balzar, Ecuador

    Dr. Cech and Dr. Kovic make a home visit in Balzar, Ecuador

    Dr. Cech will make her second volunteer trip in 2013 this June where she will be providing training at two community rehabilitation centers along the northern coast of Ecuador, training will be direct to community workers, therapists and local officials on best ways to assess persons, particularly children, that could immediately benefit from treatment.

    “I truly enjoy the work with Causes – It is not a typical mission trip in
    that the goal is not so much the treatment of specific patients, but
    rather to impact the infrastructure within the country, and help the
    people of Ecuador gain the skills/expertise needed to make  changes in their

    In keeping with our mission, our goal is to build awareness on the importance of acceptance, inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life. We educate current professionals and future providers in that there are capacities and capabilities in all individuals and that the label “special” means more than “can’t do”,  or  “can’t be” .