• The next trip

    Posted on April 19, 2013

    Planning for the next trip is a bit challenging to say the  the least. I go through the motions of asking myself these questions:

    Am I ready to do this again so soon?

    Am I prepared to put my body through such a physical ordeal?

    Am I mentally and emotionally ready?

    What type of impact will we be able to make together as a team?

    How about costs? customs? documents? donations? delivery of services? language interpreters? accessible transportation, accommodations? safety?

    Will we have sufficient support from local volunteers? Will the community be receptive?

    I will be called upon the majority of time to speak for myself, become the interpreter for both sides and be prepared to think and make decisions on the spot, for the moment, and future planning.

    Will this be the last trip for which I am willing to put in all this work?

    This June may be the last trip of this type, and I won’t know until I am called again and am told that this child needs a special kind of help, a community desires training on best ways to protect children, a particular university wants to start a new career program, a hospital wants staff training, or a municipality is interested in implementing policy of accessibility that would best accommodate persons with disabilities, or a group of persons with disabilities is interested in learning on how to become advocates for transformation.

    Until my next trip ( yes, plans are underway for 2016, it will be our 20th anniversary), let me know if you would like to travel, how you would like to make a difference in another person’s life right where you are. Together let us create a world where  all come to know happiness.