• Zully’s Story

    Posted on January 27, 2013

    Posted on the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy Website


    On June 24, 2010 two volunteers traveled to the coast of Ecuador in advance of an eleven-team member to provide parent, professional and staff training on “Infants at Risk” and “Zero to Three Infant Development” at AVINNFA, a school serving 286 children with disabilities, and rehabilitation facility located in Milagro. Similar training was later provided at the Conadis Rehabilitation Center in Naranjal. A total of 200 parents, 25 professionals and 30 staff members participated in the training.

    Eight volunteers (six university students) from the US and one from Australia arrived two days later and joined the local team in providing dental, medical and infant care services. The team visited four locations identified and recommended by the office of the Coordinator for Citizenry Participation and Social Control in Naranjal to CC-Ecuador and CCI. These were locations not having access to health care, having a high incidence of poverty and not having been visited nor counted in the Census. There include: La Puntilla (nearby residents of Nariz del Diablo and El Paraiso walked to La Puntilla), Santo Domingo Grande on Matorrillos Island in the Gulf of Guayaquil, Elementary School Paco Moncayo in Km 14 ½, and Elementary School Simon Bolivar in San Carlos.

    Elementary Schools were used to set up health clinics with the exception of La Puntilla where residents yards were used as there is no school.

    Over 800 children and adults were seen by the physician; children were provided medicine for parasites, received a lesson in oral hygiene and received a toothbrush with toothpaste. Children with healthy teeth were given a fluoride treatment and those with severe cavities, complaining of pain and gum irritations were seen by the dentist. Seventy-five adults with severe tooth decay were also seen by the dentist. Women seen by the physician received vaginal creams and other pain medications as prescribed. Fifty infants and their mothers were seen by the infant specialist. Throughout the day children participated in outdoor games and entertainment led by our talented performer and writer.

    Children that had extractions received a stuffed animal.
    A limited amount of clothing was distributed. School supplies were donated to the schools, and an emergency medical kit was created for two of the the schools, and a duffle bag with supplies provided by First Aide Worldwide was donated to Santo Domingo Grande.

    Great achievements are made when strangers come together for a single purpose. Lives were transformed through an act of generosity.