• Celebrating a new international collaboration

    Posted on September 13, 2012

    Left to right: Mayra Falconi Zeruma, Sandra Gonzalez Rogriguez, Dean Charles Stoops, President Donna M. Carroll, Zully F. Alvarado, Dr. Jaime Orozco Hernandez, Provost Cheryl Johnson-Odom

    On September 11, at Dominican University, academics and friends of two universities celebrated an international collaboration. Honoring guests from Universidad Estatal de Milagro in Ecuador, Dean of Dominican University’s Graduate School of Social Work in River Forest, Illinois, Charles Stoops welcomed Dr. Romulo Minchala Murillo and Dr. Jaime Orozco Hernandez. The dean said that the motto of Dominican University ‘Challenging you to change the world’ was apt in this instance, and he looked forward to meeting the needs of students in both communities. In his speech, Dr. Orozco Hernandez outlined the history of the State University of Milagro (UNEMI). He described a government program in Ecuador which is tightening accreditation for Universities and insisting schools provide a world-class education. He thanked Dominican University for the opportunity to further enrich the programs at UNEMI.  Both universities are looking forward to forging a mutually beneficial education for their students, faculty and communities.