• Trip to Ecuador – Grace Dalton

    Posted on April 23, 2012

    Grace wrote a touching essay about why she wants to volunteer in Ecuador

    Grace Dalton will be one of the youngest people to go on a medical mission when she goes with our group in July. She wrote an essay about who she is, what she expects to do on the trip and how she plans to help. She sounds like she will be an enthusiastic team member and a great ambassador. We thought you would like to read her essay it in its entirety.

    My name is Grace Dalton, and I will be 12 on July 7th. I have 2 sisters, a brother, and a sister-in-law. We also have a dog and will be getting another one soon. I have a lot of friends and some best friends. Some of my friend’s names are Nora, Lindy, Madi, Eliana, Natalie, Lucia, Rhia, and Molly. I am very involved with the arts. I am in a program called “BRAVO” which is a performing arts program. I have been in five plays and I am on my sixth play right now. We are doing “Hairspray Jr.” I will also be doing a play before I go to Ecuador called “The Aristocats.”

    I am choosing to be a part of this mission because I have never done something that impacts people this much and helps the health of others. I live around people that are very healthy and fit and so that had an impact on me. So, I would like to help others stay healthy and get the hygiene they need. Also, I think it’s a chance to really experience a different environment and to interact with people who need more help than people in my town need. It would be nice to help people for a change rather than complain about what I don’t have. It will be challenging for me, but life is a challenge and I have to look through other people’s perspective. Just being there will inspire me to make better choices and have a better life.

    What I want the people of Ecuador and the team (particularly the kids) to get out of my participation is that I am a role model especially to the girls. I want to have a sister relationship with the younger girls and teach them how to sing, dance, and play sports. Of course, they probably know how to do at least one of those things, but I want to help them get better at what they love to do.

    I would like to take on responsibilities before the trip like collecting things such as clothes, school supplies, toys and buying toothbrushes. Next, I will be making designs for the “Causes for Change” t-shirts and telling my friends to submit their designs. Also, I will be telling my principal about what I am doing and see if I can make a fundraiser. Next, I will learn more Spanish and buy face paint.

    What I see my responsibility during the trip is entertaining the kids and helping the other U.S. ambassadors with their patients or if they need me to bring something to them or carry something for them, I will do that. Also, if there is a long line I will ask people in line if they need any help or, I will ask their kids if they want their face painted. In other words, I will do whatever is needed.

    As a U.S. ambassador I would like the people of Ecuador to know about my country, family, and friends in a lot of good ways and some bad ways. Well, the good things are my family is a very healthy family, my friends are so loving and funny, and my country has so much love and commitment to staying healthy and happy. The bad thing is that we don’t have the best economy and not everyone is healthy. I don’t think there is anything bad about my friends or family. Maybe sometimes my friends and I get in fights but it all turns out fine. Then, we don’t really have any problems in our family but we used to until my parents and I reviewed the Landmark Forum.

    In conclusion, I can’t wait to go to Ecuador. It is going to be so much fun and it will be a great experience.