• Sunglasses

    Posted on March 9, 2012

    We always have loads of fun at the Jewelry and Accessories Mini-Markets, not only because we raise money to defray travel expenses on our missions, but also we check out pretty things while having a glass of wine and some snacks. We catch up with friends, make new friends, see what jewelry and accessories other people don’t love anymore and maybe find something that we can love newly. We doubled the fun when we added accessories like scarves and sunglasses to the jewelry.  Who doesn’t love looking fabulous!

    Last year we had a couple of pairs of sunglasses that didn’t sell. Zully took them with her to Ecuador as they were lightweight and didn’t take up much room. One day she saw two ladies squinting in the sun. She remembered the sunglasses in her bag! The ladies loved them and perked right up! It was a good reminder that people are the same the world over, we all like to look glamorous and let our inner beauty shine on the outside too.