• Come, Join Us!

    Posted on March 3, 2012
    Friends in support of Causes

    Tamara Morrison has been actively involved with Causes since the beginning.  For the past couple of years she has been hosting what we have come to know as the Jewelry and Accessories Mini-Market

    Some people get to  bring their unwanted jewelry, scarves, purses, others donate their fancy party dress, mink jacket or silver platter. We come together to share the latest news, have a glass of wine and participate in the fun of shopping and getting a good bargain.

    The proceeds help cover basic expenses such as: telephone, domain name annual dues, internet, printing, office supplies and other incidentals.

    In addition, it helps in gathering the funds needed  for the expenses to be incurred during the travel mission.  This year more funds are needed to cover the luggage carrying the supplies and equipment to be used for the July mission in Ecuador.

    We invite other friends to host an event on behalf of Causes.

    A little something for everyone