• The Teacher’s Prayer

    Posted on February 15, 2012


    I am always touched and moved when I read the words of The Teacher’s Prayer by Gabriela Mistral, the Chilean poet and first Latin American Woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.


    “let me be more mother than the mother

    herself in my love and defense  of the child

    who is not flesh of my flesh. Help me to make

    one of my children my most perfect poem, and

    leave within him or her my most melodious melody

    from that day when my own lips no longer sing.”


    The many times that I am asked why I do what I do with Causes the question has me ponder on the innocence of childhood and the importance of protecting and taking care of the children.

    The children in the many villages and communities we have visited are very inquisitive about where we come from, the world, how to get an education, and how to become successful and help their parents and communities.

    They do not desire pity or be a cause for humiliation and become the poster child for some group. Like me and you, they seek opportunities for knowledge and good health to continue; to experience play, laughter and true happiness in all aspects of life.