• Looking to Replace a Vandalized Mobile Clinic

    Posted on October 11, 2011

    For the past months CCI has been doing fundraisers and motivating people into supporting a good cause. A mobile dental unit was intended to be shipped to Ecuador during the month of October.  The organization had
    been as of July working to raise the funds needed for the cost of shipment ($12,000).  Everyone at CCI was  very excited about this project, for we saw the great benefits it would bring for the people living in the rural, coastal areas, highlands and Amazon of Ecuador.

    CCI had been in communication with University of Milagro who together with
    dentists, doctors, nursing students, community health care trainees, were
    making all the needed preparations to receive the mobile clinic and get to work with this
    wonderful gift being made available to them.

    Causes for Change International worked together  with The Manaaki Foundation, Indima Foundation, Rotary Club of Cicero, Rotary Club One of Chicago , District 6540 as well as Dr. Wigdor of the School of Dentistry at Illinois Masonic Hospital in planning the shipment of the mobile clinic.

    Unfortunately this past Monday we were told the mobile clinic had been vandalized. The following message from the Facilities Manager at Illinois Masonic was received:

    “Due to the van sitting as long as it has, many issues make it
    not useful. The van has been vandalized so much of the remaining equipment
    has been stripped from it. The chairs are now ripped and stripped for metal
    content. Two of the windows have been broken and the windshield now needs
    replacement. I have decided to salvage the remaining parts through a scrap
    yard since it can no longer serve as a dental unit.”

    Despite the bad news, CCI is not giving up. The organization plans to get the vandalized unit replaced and ship it to Ecuador as it was first intended. Where this mobile clinic is going to be shipped, the health conditions are very poor and sometimes a doctor is hours away.

    “This is a setback, but not an impossibility for us to obtain another Mobile Unit. Please help me and CCI continue with this major project of seeing people in need receive proper dental and health care.” -Zully JF Alvarado, Founder of Causes for Change International.

    If you would like to support this cause please contact us at info@causesforchange.org, causesforchange@gmail.com