• Pablito and Daniela

    Posted on July 13, 2011

    One of the biggest objectives of this year’s Mission Trip was to bring to Ecuador a High-Back Wheelchair for Daniela, as well as a Tryke and prosthesis needed for a boy named Pablito.  Both eight years of age, she was born with encephalomyelitis, and he without his lower extremities. This week we visited Milagro and Posorja where Daniela and Pablito live, respectively. We delivered the Tryke donated to Pablito, his world is now transformed and he can explore life to his fullest potential. His parents not knowing how to express their gratitude brought shrimp ceviche to the volunteer team. In no more than three weeks Pablito will have his prosthetics.


    “He is the happiest child in the world, thanks to all our friends.” –Zully, president and founder of Causes for Change International, said after giving the tryke to Pablito.


    We delivered the wheelchair to Daniela, worked with her parents and a local therapist to teach them how to provide stimulation. Now she can be positioned to feel the world from a different vantage point. We are ecstatic that we were able to help Daniela and Pablito. It has been a group effort, thank you so much to everyone that supported these causes and helped make this possible.

    There is still a lot of work to do for both children and thousands more that we have met or learned about during our short visit. There are so many children with severe disabilities who are living in a world where much can be prevented if education on how to take care of oneself before and during pregnancy could be promoted. Abuses in the environment, in the workplace, in the home all are areas that need to be attended to. Education must take place in all aspects of life.

    This has been one of the most difficult experiences thus far, seeing so many children with disabilities and in need of dental care. We ask why is there such a high incidence of children with disabilities in Posorja and surrounding communities?