• Phenomenal Women Conference 2011

    Posted on April 20, 2011

    We are very proud and excited that CCI’s founder and president, Zully JF Alvarado, was this year’s Phenomenal Women Conference Keynote Speaker. The Conference which main goal is to advocate, support and empower women, was held at Norbert University in Wisconsin.

    This is what Zully had to say about this amazing experience…

    I was pleased to have been invited to serve as the Keynote Speaker of the  13th Annual Phenomenal Woman Conference. This was an opportunity to share my life experiences and the great opportunities afforded to me in the US. I share as to how happy I am to have been raised in this country, and the loyalty that I hold for what it stands.

    Now as an adult,  by way of a non-governmental, non-profit organization of which I am the founder, Causes for Change International, I am able to return to my birth country with support and resources and contribute in various ways in the coastal areas of Ecuador where health and education are lacking. It also widens my vision to be of contribution to other communities in the Americas.

    I had young people approach me and shared how they were inspired, they shared similar emotions about having to leave their countries to further their education.  Their goal is to return to their birth country and share their knowledge with those left behind.