• Testimonial from Xenon Zeigler

    Posted on March 17, 2011

    September 14, 2007
    Xenon Zeigler (Youth Volunteer)

    One thing I’ve noticed in my travels through Ecuador is that the people are unbelievably warm and friendly. They seem to genuinely appreciate our service and go out on a limb to see to it that we are as comfortable as possible while in their country. Even the people we weren’t working with seemed helpful and affectionate.  I’m yet to feel threatened or unsafe whilst there as well. Also the children are also incredible. They’re so intelligent, funny, and ambitious. They’ve got such a positive outlook on life when it seems like they’ve seemingly been granted so little. I’ve made numerous lifelong friendships in the short four weeks of my life I had spent there in the past two years.

    My travels with Causes for Change have changed my life. I have made a personal commitment to stick by their side in any of their ventures. The people I have met, the things, I have experienced, and knowledge and wisdom I have gained in such a short span of time continues to amaze me to this day. I find myself thinking of Ecuador daily. The feeling you get from helping the less fortunate is unparalleled. Also the sheer beauty of the country is amazing.

    The scenery, whether it is the Andes, the Ocean, or the bustling cities, fascinates me. I have found myself captivated with not just Ecuador, but South America as a whole and plan to travel to other parts of the magnificent continent one day. Causes for Change always manages to bring together seemingly random people from across the globe and turn them into a family. I highly regard everyone I have went with on past trips and think of them as not just friends but an extension of my family. We’ve experienced so much together and I look forward to traveling with them again in the future.